Qualifications Summary

Diverse experience in the design, deployment, and maintenance of software and hardware systems, especially in hybrid projects that combine information technology with other disciplines.  Able to motivate and train team members at all levels.

Key Technical Skills

Software Development
Sensor Integration, Telecommunications, Security, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Web & Database, Remote Telemetry and Control (SCADA), User Interfaces, Internet Servers, System Utilities, Power Transmission & Distribution, Surveillance.
Operating Systems
Linux, Windows.
C/C++, C# (MS and Mono), Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL.
Network Technology
IP-based LANs, WANs, VPNs, wireless networks, fiber optics, routers, firewalls, web caches, management and diagnostic tools.
Network Services
Web, email, routing protocols, file services, management protocols, backup systems.
Firewalls, cryptography, system hardening, PKI, various remote access and VPN solutions.
Workstation, Server and Embedded systems; Intel, AMD, ARM, AVR; VMWare server and desktop virtualization products.
Embedded Platforms
Gumstix (Linux); Arduino; Raspberry Pi (Linux); Analog Devices ADSP2100 series DSP (Assembly and C); Windows CE (.Net Compact Framework); MicroChip PIC16 (Assembly and C).
Electronics Design
Intermediate level circuit design and construction, linear and digital systems, antenna design and modeling.
Other Technology
Digital Telemetry (SCADA), TDM equipment (DS0 - DS3 levels), RF systems (digital microwave, two-way radio), telephone systems, VoIP.

Professional Experience

Various Open Source Projects Stillwater, OK Present Time

Design and develop publicly-available open source software packages for numerous platforms.  Application areas include telecommunication, robotics, networking.  Design and construct electronic circuits to integrate software and hardware components.  Provide complete installation packages for end users.  Author end-user documentation and integration material for kit-builders.  Develop and maintain website for distribution of software and support material.

SST Software Stillwater, OK Web API Developer
August 2014 — August 2016

Design and develop WebAPI software projects, and integrate with corporate databases.  Provide unit and integration testing of software components.  Design generic frameworks to increase development rate, reduce code size and complexity, and eliminate customized test code.

ICx Technologies Stillwater, OK Software Engineer
April 2006 — May 2014

Design and develop custom software packages for high-profile customers, using modern development tools and methods.  Interact with a team of engineers and scientists to produce integrated products for deployment across multiple platforms.  Integrate hardware and software components.  Propose new designs, follow through with proof-of-concept and/or full-scale applications.

Grand River Dam Authority
Agency of the State of Oklahoma
Locust Grove, OK Various Positions
Dec 1996 — Nov 2005

Responsible for reorganizing and consolidating departments related to information technology and telecommunications.  Direct and oversee coordination between departments.

Provide open-source server solutions to minimize total cost of ownership: file servers, email, websites, telemetry processing, specialized end-user applications, firewalls, remote access, and DBMS services.

Design, install and maintain IP wide-area networks and services, supporting hundreds of clients, integrating with high-speed digital microwave and fiber-optic equipment.

Integrate new technologies with existing resources.  Develop specialized software packages to solve unique problems or provide services where a COTS solution did not already exist.

Perform system administration and software development tasks to aid departments with new technology, or when understaffed.  Automate system administration tasks to reduce manpower needs.  Provide system administration over a collection of approximately 40 large or specialized Linux servers.

Provide top-tier support for all technical issues that could not be resolved at lower levels.  Supervise all levels of technical support.  Develop procedures for technicians, for installation of workstations, servers and networks; review procedures to adapt to changing needs.

Professional Certifications

FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License (GROL, Class PG)
FCC Ship Radar Endorsement
FCC GMDSS Operator/Maintainer License (Class DB)

FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License

Higher Education

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Pursuing Master's Degree
Computer Science
32 Hours Completed
GPA: 3.9

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Bachelor's Degree
Computer Science
May, 2000


Numerous professional, technical, educational and character references are available to potential employers upon request.

Current Interests

Please be sure to check the main website for current interests and projects.

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